Nitrous Oxide

Girl frightened by dentists covers her mouthOften patients put off going to the dentist due to anxiety often from a bad dental experience earlier in life.  We understand that dental anxiety can be a crippling condition, allowing necessary work to go undone for far too long. At White Smiles, we want you to be comfortable with sharing your concerns, reservations, and fears with us, and we promise to do everything in our ability to make sure you have a pleasant, comfortable experience. We  offer Nitrous Oxide Gas to help anxious patients relax during your dental appointment.  Some people think that “laughing gas” is only for children, but we find that adults benefit just as much as children.  Every dental operatory we have is equipped with nitrous oxide gas if you feel you would benefit from its calming effects.

Starting routine teeth cleanings at a young age to get them familiar with going to the dentist can help avoid the need for nitrous oxide. Fluoride treatments can also lower the risk of developing cavities which will also reduce the need for tooth numbing and drilling that people often dread. White Smiles Family Dental offers comprehensive preventative dentistry services. Call us today to schedule your appointment.