Teeth Cleanings

Come let our licensed dental hygienists professionally clean your teeth today.  Even for people with impeccable hygiene, it’s still important to have regular dental cleanings every six months to get those hard to reach spots where plaque and tarter like to deposit. Here at White Smiles Family Dental, we believe prevention is key! Our professional cleanings are so much more than just a cleaning. Our licensed hygienists are here to help educate you about your oral health as well as the impact your oral health has on systemic health. There are numerous studies linking periodontal disease to heart disease as well as worsening glycemic control in diabetics.

Did you know routine teeth cleanings can help prevent the need for periodontal therapy later in life?  If going to the dentist makes  you nervous, we can also provide nitrous oxide gas (a.k.a. sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry) for dental anxiety to help calm you down during your visit.  White Smiles Family Dental offers comprehensive preventative dentistry services. Call us today to schedule your appointment.